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Revolutionising Logistics for a Greener Tomorrow

Welcome to Decarbon Logistics Solutions (DLS), your partner in decarbonising logistics. At DLS, we are committed to designing and delivering innovative urban hubs, micro-mobility solutions, and supporting the transition to electric vehicles (EVs). With a global perspective and expertise across North America, Europe, and Asia, we are at the forefront of transforming logistics for a sustainable future. Join us in our journey towards a more efficient and eco-friendly logistics ecosystem.

Who We Are

At Decarbon Logistics Solutions (DLS), we are dedicated to reshaping the logistics landscape through sustainability and innovation. Our expertise spans continents, from North America to Asia, fueling our mission to develop urban hubs, enable micro-mobility, and facilitate the widespread adoption of electric vehicles (EVs).

Why DLS?


Transforming Urban Logistics: Solutions

for Landlords, Businesses, and EV Fleet Owners

Revenue Generation for Landlords

Unlock additional revenue from underutilised spaces with our strategic utilisation plans.

Logistics Operator Solutions

Access bespoke spare space solutions and design services to streamline operations and reduce carbon footprint.

Local Authority
Project Management

Partner with us to advise and manage sustainable logistics projects, promoting green initiatives across regions.

Out of Home Delivery Solutions

Enhance last-mile delivery efficiency and reduce emissions with our innovative
pickup & drop off (PUDOs) and other delivery solutions.

Urban Hub Design & Development

Simplify the complex process of launching eco-friendly urban logistics hubs with our expert planning and site qualification services.

Commercial EV Transition Support

Navigate the shift to electric vehicles seamlessly with our tailored support, leveraging our wide network of technology and real estate partners.

Global logisics advisory services

Including urban freight strategies by road, rail and micro mobility for the public and private sector

What is Urban Logistics

Market Trends

The surge in e-commerce and urban living necessitates faster deliveries and environmentally friendly operations, pushing the logistics sector towards more efficient, green solutions.

Micro Hubs

These small, strategically placed distribution centers in urban areas shorten delivery routes, enabling quicker deliveries and reducing carbon emissions.


Automated parcel lockers in accessible locations offer a secure and convenient way for customers and businesses to collect packages, minimising delivery attempts and associated emissions.

EV Fleet Charging

The shift to electric delivery vehicles is supported by the expansion of EV charging infrastructure, crucial for reducing the environmental impact of urban deliveries.

Dynamic Real Estate

Connecting the supply of under-utilised space with the changing demands of today’s logistics busiensses.

Work With Us

Here at DLS our platform brings together Landowners, Logistics Businesses and Fleet Owners to create a more efficient and sustainable logistics sector. Join us and see what we can achieve together.


Partner with us to transform your under-used spaces into profitable, eco-friendly logistics hubs. Access expert advice, design, installation and project management services for end-to-end support in developing your location and reaching logistics businesses. DLS simplifies property optimisation, ensuring your venture into green logistics is both impactful and rewarding.

Logistics Business

Access customised, innovative logistics solutions and a network of strategic spaces and tech partnerships with DLS. Our technology-agnostic approach enhances your operations, unlocking the potential for a more efficient and sustainable way of working. Join us to future-proof your business and lead in the green logistics revolution.

EV Fleet Owner

Transition your fleet to electric with DLS's end-to-end support, from strategic planning to charging infrastructure installation and optimisation. Benefit from our network and expertise to not only green your operations but also boost efficiency and reliability. Partner with DLS to become a frontrunner in sustainable fleet management.

Our Leadership Team

With over 45 years experience in logistics, last-mile delivery, electric vehicle and urban mobility hubs with private and public sector organisations, we’ve got a well-seasoned team at the helm.

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Cleiton Barbosa

CEO Spain and Portugal


Edward Cox

General Manager

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